How We Got Here


UnBossed Apparel is a black woman owned socially conscious lifestyle brand. We specialize in raw unfiltered statement t-shirts. 


Our brand  name is inspired by Shirley Chisholm's ( 1st black woman elected to Congress and the first woman and African American to seek the nomination for president of the United States) mantra "Unbossed and Unbought". Shirley Chisholm was an independent, outspoken, advocate for marginalized groups and liberal causes.  We have brought those same attributes to life in the form of a t-shirt brand.  We are UNBOSSED!


Our brand mission is to empower, educate, and provide a channel for your voice to be heard loud and clear through unfiltered tshirt messages. 

" I don't want to play by the rules and be a nice little cookie cutter tshirt company. People advised against tackling offensive, controversial, and political issues. Nope, we are an in your face tshirt brand that is unafraid to speak on things that affect my community whether it be good or controversial" -Trice "Zion" Hampton, Owner and Creative Director of UnBossed Apparel

melanin tshirt by black owned tshirt company unbossed apparel